Mandy Lowery Morrow Question One: Favorite hobby? Singing. Question Two: What is your favorite dish to prepare, and what is your favorite food to eat? I love to cook and eat a variety of foods. I enjoy cooking casserole dishes and I enjoy eating Italian food the most. Question Three: How long have you been married? What are three valuable lessons you have learned about marriage, that you would entrust to others today? I’ve been married fifteen years. I’ve learned it is important to love one another in the ways that are important to each partner—that creates a reciprocal effect of love and harmony. Trust is vital to a relationship. Prioritize time with each other and be intentional and focused on connection during that time. Question Four: How has your husband impacted your life? My husband has taught me much about love, grace, mercy, and endurance. Question Five: How many kids do you have…

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