A Message From Dr. O’Shea Lowery

What Strong and Courageous Offers to Both Churches and Single Moms

In order to equip and encourage both churches and single mothers, the ministry of Strong and Courageous will offer a variety of outreaches through online ministry, as well as through in-person training.

Single Moms’ Awareness Session

Testimonial/Q&A Time

People are often unaware of the need for single moms’ ministry because they are uninformed. Strong and Courageous Ministry offers a Single Moms’ Awareness Session for churches to be held anytime during the week. During this session, the church will hear a testimony from a single mom, who represents the Strong and Courageous Ministry, following a Q&A time between the single mom and the pastor, or a women’s leader in front of the entire congregation. This is a very informative time, offering insights to the various needs of single-parent families and how best to minister to their needs.


Leadership Training

Strong and Courageous offers training for women leaders in the area of single moms’ ministry. The ministry team will educate, train, and offer ongoing support for launching a single moms’ ministry.


Bible Studies/Discipleship

Strong and Courageous offers a blend of Bible studies and discipleship models for churches to use within their single moms’ ministry context. These Bible studies include the Launch Series, Living it Out, Going Deeper, and the Equip Series.

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