Your children may have many best friends and buddies, but the Lord only gave them two parents. Even though we may be our child’s friend, as they become an adult, trying to be their friend as a child will cause us to make bad decisions to their harm. Do we want to be liked by them or help them grow into all God called them to be? If our decision is based on their immature view of the world and what makes them happy, then we will make a bad one every time.

When our youngest son was a preteen, I told him no to something of which we knew he did not need to be a part. He told me that if an award was given for the “worst mom of the year,” I would get it. That stung! But what would have been worse would be for me to give in to his bad request and have our family reap the consequences of it later. I found out that many times our sons were glad we said “no,” because that took the pressure off them with their peers to say “my parents won’t let me.”

— Debbie

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