Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation is key for every mom to stay on top of the busyness of preparing meals for her family. 
Here are a few tips to make this process easier:

1 – Recipes: think quick, easy, and as healthy as possible. Internet searches for healthy and budget friendly recipes are a great source. 
2 – Decide and Select the recipes you think your family will enjoy. Print them out or save them on your phone. Involve your kids in the process as well. 
3 – Make a grocery list that reflects the items you need.
4 – Shop: pick a day during the week to buy your items. 
5 – Meal Prep Day: pick one day during the week to prepare your meals, portion, store, and freeze them. 
6 – Each day pull out your meal and reheat or microwave and serve. 

A little investment of your time on the front end will make this process easy and stress-free for you and your family during the week. 

— Adrianna Anderson 

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