Family Devotions

Spending time with your family in God’s Word is so important. Here are some fun ways to make it interactive and to keep their attention.

  1. As a family, decide what you want to read about together that the Bible addresses (a specific issue you are facing, something your child is going through at school, etc.)
  2. Once you decide, have them (with your help) pick out a verse to memorize together or a passage to read and study.
  3. Set a day a week and a deadline (one month, two months, or six months depending on what you choose) to complete it together. 
  4. Allow your child to read the verse(s) to you as often as they can (daily, weekly) depending on his or her age level. 
  5. At the end of the deadline, award them with something they like (favorite ice cream, candy, pick a chore), and then spend time in a prayer thanking God for all the things He taught you all during this time. 

— Adrianna Anderson 

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