As a mother of a nineteen year-old only-child (who is my true gift/blessing from God), I have four major pieces of advice:

1) Make sure you and your child/children find a good Bible-believing church to attend. With all that children are exposed to today, they need this foundation to fight the evil of the world and to learn how to love in a Godly way. I have witnessed that this has been one of the best influences in my child’s own life. She has always had God and His promises/the Bible to go to in times of trouble, and He has always been there for her and helped her through whatever she has encountered. —Darla, Honea Path, SC

2) Spend quality time with your child/children. As busy as life gets, try hard to find some time to set aside to stop and play/interact with your child/children. This is one of my biggest regrets with my own child. She grew up right before my eyes, and I feel like I did not get to spend as much time with her throughout her childhood to create multiple lifelong memories. Especially, when they are young, they need quality time. I would guess children will remember time you spend with them more than any toy you could buy them! —Darla, Honea Path, SC

3) As a note to the above advice, and as a practicing pediatric speech pathologist, please put away all electronics! Children need quality time playing with toys, doing hands-on projects, reading real books (making sure to talk to and with your child/children while participating in these activities). They learn expressive and receptive language skills, social interaction skills, and real-life problem-solving skills by playing with toys, making crafts, playing in sand, taking nature walks, reading real books, and so forth. Electronics actually teach few real-life problem-solving skills or language skills and often lead to addiction to the electronic devices and attention-deficit disorders. So, put the electronics and cell phones away, especially during the infant, preschool, and elementary-school years (when young minds are developing). —Darla, Honea Path, SC

 4) Have fun with your child/children, watch them grow into amazing adults, and thank God for blessing you with them 🙂 —Darla, Honea Path, SC

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