Damaged–But Not Destroyed!

Today I received a wonderful reminder of God’s grace, mercy, and redemption. My daughter, (Mandy) had a special time with Jesus in her own front yard. She wrote about her moment, her lesson, and her thankfulness to God for a blessing she will always treasure.

The following was written by Mandy Morrow: (My daughter.)

This tree in our yard split right down the middle. In an effort to save the tree from dying, Tyler wrapped this strap around it. I was surprised to find that the tree is bearing fruit, and it struck a spiritual nerve. 

God brought fruit from a damaged tree.

Even in our own sin and brokenness, God enwraps us in His grace and mercy. And if we allow Him to use us, we can still bear amazing fruit for His Kingdom, no matter what we’ve done, or what state we find ourselves in. Feeling thankful that He’s never given up on me, in spite of all my sin and brokenness. 

And thanks to my sweet husband who works so hard to take care of our place, even to preserve this small tree… never knowing that his wife would receive a spiritual blessing from such a seemingly mundane task. 

God wants us to walk in freedom–Moving forward to our future–Instead of living in past failures.

My daughter will never forget this day, nor the lesson the Lord taught her. We all have been broken at some point in our lives from poor decisions made or from periods we wish we could do-over. Yet God longs for His children to walk in freedom, not in bondage.

Give your past to Jesus. He will forgive, pardon, and use you greatly to bear much fruit. Onward!

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