The “Matter” Is in God’s Hands

I was overtaken one evening by the Lord’s goodness as He spoke to me through His Word. For over a year, the same message had been verbalized to my heart through times of prayer and Bible study. However, the scene before me depicted an entirely different communication than what I had been hearing. I found myself in turmoil over the entire matter. Had I misheard what God was saying? Had I misunderstood the message? The matter before me had comprised a situation that had consumed me. A battle began to rage within my heart, one that became all about me and what I wanted.

Dian A. Yudianto

As I progressed through the struggle, the Lord led me to a particular Bible passage. David, a man after God’s own heart, was on his way out of Jerusalem, a place he had both loved and served faithfully. His throne had been overtaken by his son, Absalom. David’s own flesh and blood had turned against him as well as his advisor, Ahithophel, and many loyal followers. A new course was now set for David, one he never saw coming.

Then a messenger came to David, saying, “The hearts of the men of Israel are with Absalom.” 14 David said to all his servants who were with him at Jerusalem, “Arise and let us flee, for otherwise none of us will escape from Absalom. Go in haste, or he will overtake us quickly and bring down calamity on us and strike the city with the edge of the sword.” (2 Samuel 15:13-14 NASB)

The Bible says that David and those who stood by him made their way out of the city of Jerusalem, broken and afraid.

While all the country was weeping with a loud voice, all the people passed over. The king also passed over the brook Kidron, and all the people passed over toward the way of the wilderness. (2 Samuel 15:23)

What appeared to be the ending to David’s kingship was only a brief intermission for God’s appointed purposes and plan to unfold. However, David was unaware of this truth at the time. He had no idea if he would be allowed to return to his beloved Jerusalem. Yet David did not consume himself with this matter. In a moment’s dialogue between him and two men, David made clear that the matter of his return would be God’s call. His life was in God’s hands.

Now behold, Zadok also came, and all the Levites with him carrying the ark of the covenant of God. And they set down the ark of God, and Abiathar came up until all the people had finished passing from the city. 25 The king said to Zadok, “Return the ark of God to the city. If I find favor in the sight of the Lord, then He will bring me back again and show me both it and His habitation. 26 But if He should say thus, ‘I have no delight in you,’ behold, here I am, let Him do to me as seems good to Him.” (2 Samuel 15:24-26)

While studying this particular passage, through means of commentaries, I came across the following insert: “David determined that the ark of God properly belonged in Jerusalem, God’s city. It would remain there, and it was up to God to either restore David to his throne in Jerusalem or not. The King was content to leave the matter in God’s hands” (Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary).

After a time of prayer and Bible study, the Lord spoke to me clearly that what I had so anxiously worried over and battled hard with was not in my hands, but in His. God was both over the matter before me and in charge of how it would unfold.

What is the matter before you today? Are you struggling to understand it? Are you trying in your own strength to make it unfold in a certain way? Whatever the matter before you, rest it in God’s hands beyond you, trusting Him to do with it as He deems best.

Point to Ponder: Even though David was King of Jerusalem in an earthly sense, he recognized who the true King of Jerusalem was in a Heavenly sense. David was simply a tool in the Lord’s hands.

Today place “Your matter” in the Lord’s hands.

O’Shea–Entrusted Hope Ministries

Cover picture by: Raheel Shakeel

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