In a small town in Northwest Alabama a beautiful black headed little girl named Patricia Ann Quinn was reared, a little girl who would later become my mom. Born to Alpha and Eva Quinn, Mom was one of five siblings who lived and worked on their farm. Her growing-up years afforded her many wonderful memories, as well as life lessons she would take with her on through adulthood.

Growing up, Mother learned the value of hard work. Cotton fields were toiled in daily, where she served as an active participant. In addition to laboring in the fields, Mom would often be found in the kitchen cooking for others. “I learned how to cook through trial and error,” stated the North Alabama lady. Yet she was quick to credit her cooking talent to her mother. She would say, “I had watched my momma cook all my life.” Those growing-up days resulted in one of the greatest cooks in North Alabama. And one of the greatest women.

Today, my mother is known for many great dishes among her family and community—chocolate and biscuits being number one, while green beans coming in at a close second.

During Mother’s growing-up years, she always had a desire to go to college but was never afforded such an opportunity. As a young woman, she began working at a local sewing factory and later as a bank teller. During those years, Mother excelled greatly, becoming a successful banker for over 40 years.

Mom married a football coach (my dad) and began her family. She had two black-headed girls, Shea and Shannon. Later, those two girls would give her five grandchildren. And later, those grandchildren would have children of their own, making Mom a great grandmother of nine (soon to be ten.)

As the years advanced, seasons came and seasons passed. However, one always remained close to her heart: Christmas. And throughout the coming years, she would make each year special with Christmas decor and wonderful traditions. Join me now as we travel through my mother’s home, to gaze upon her beautiful decorations.

My mother starts in September decorating her home for Christmas. Let’s journey through a few of her rooms.

My mother is a wonderful woman, and I am so thankful she is my mom. Her contributions to her community, her workplace, her church, and her family are second to none. She has both influenced and impacted many people throughout her life. And still does to this day.

We had planned to gather as a family to celebrate my mother’s birthday, but due to circumstances with the virus outbreak, those plans have been canceled. So from Texas, I send you a GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH! (For this coming Saturday)

Thank you for being a great mom, friend, and person.

What does this last picture have to do with Christmas at moms? Not one single thing. I just thought I was too cute not to share. Ha! Happy Birthday Mom–I love you.

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