She Has Impacted Many: Mrs. Judy.

I have been most blessed in my life to be surrounded by godly women who have helped in the molding and shaping of my life. Today, it is my honor to introduce to you, a lady who has both impacted and encouraged many people throughout her years. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a Q&A time with a dear sweet sister in Christ. Mrs. Judy.

Q&A Time with O’Shea and Mrs. Judy.

Judy’s favorite color: Red.

Judy’s enjoyable delight: Hot Carmel Mocha.

Shea: Who had the greatest impact on your life growing up? Judy: Lois Hamilton.

Point to ponder: Judy’s response elicits a compelling question. Are we pouring our lives into the lives of individuals who frequently cross our paths? Will we too be remembered as someone who impacted others? Question to consider: Who are you impacting today?

Shea: What was one of the greatest lessons your mother taught you? Judy: She taught me a good work ethic at a young age. She taught me to be honest and to always tell the truth even if it hurts.

Point to ponder: Judy was greatly impacted by her mother’s lessons. Question to consider: What lessons are we teaching our children? What will they remember most about their upbringing?

Shea: What was one of the greatest lessons your dad taught you? Judy: To love unconditionally, no matter what.

Point to ponder: Judy expressed how close she was to her dad. As she articulated the lesson learned she did so with passion. I must admit, this is one area out of many I personally need to work on: loving unconditionally. Question to consider: How will we be remembered? Will people think of us as individuals who loved unconditionally or conditionally? Will they remember how we expressed love to those who hurt us? Or, will we be remembered most as individuals who held grudges? Thank you, Judy for this reminder.

Spiritual Gift: Encourager.

Shea: What three accomplishments are you most proud of in your life? 1.) Being a wife and a mother. 2.) Both learning and teaching Master Life. I was able to take it with my mentor and it changed my life. In addition, I was blessed by God to introduce the study to three churches by teaching it to others. 3.) Being a grandmother and having the privilege of both ministering and keeping my grandchildren and now my great grands.

Shea: What ministry have you enjoyed being involved in through the local church? Judy: Master Life.

Shea: If you could go back today, what one thing would you do differently in your life? Judy: I was always a fixer, no matter the problem. When a problem would arise, I would immediately start trying to figure out how I could fix the problem. If I could do it over with the wisdom I have today, I would turn matters over to God instead of stressing. I would depend on God more while knowing with certainty that He will take us through whatever we face.

Shea: What advice would you give to your 24 year old self? Judy: Don’t worry so much. Instead, trust God to take care of the problems. Have faith and believe that no matter what we go through, He will get us through it and over it.

Shea: What advice would you give to young mothers? Judy: Don’t lose one day of everyday. Enjoy every stage with your baby. Interact with your kids and don’t lose a day without enjoying some part of that day with your child.

“Don’t lose one day of everyday.”

Shea: What advice would you give to young wives? Judy: Make sure to devote time to one another, no matter the stage of life you are in, and always listen to one another.

Shea: How would you most like to be remembered? Judy: I would most like to be remembered as a prayer warrior and an encourager. In addition, that I made a difference. I want my husband, kids and grand-kids to know that I always prayed for them and had their back.

Judy has impacted so many people’s lives. She has prayed for me throughout the years on so many occasions. She has inspired me to use my gifts to help others. Just by watching her life, she has impacted me. Thank you, Judy, for your impact, your prayers and your life that so reflects Jesus. In conclusion, there is one more thing I want to say thank you for: the wonderful, amazing, delicious and “non-fattening” cake you make every Christmas. Oh my, people! Get ready!

Every Christmas I look forward to the knock on my Mother’s door with goodies from Judy. Yet when the cake is brought in, I always hear the words from Mother, “Don’t touch until Christmas.” I must admit, I have never obeyed that command. When everyone would leave the room, I would quickly sneak a few bites (well, several to be precise) then enjoy blaming the missing frosting on others. It was quite enjoyable.

I have included the recipe for Judy’s famous Italian Cream Cheese Cake. And if any of you Texans wish to make it, I will be glad to sample it for you any time.

Italian Cream Cheese Cake

1 1/2 stick margarine

3/4 cup shortening

3 cups sugar

8 eggs separated

3 cups self- rising flour

1 1/2 cup buttermilk

1 tsp vanilla

Separate egg whites from yolks to use later.

Mix softened oleo, shortening, sugar and egg yolks and beat till smooth.

Add flour alternating with buttermilk until all flour is in batter.

Add vanilla, mixing well. Set aside.

Beat egg whites with ½ teaspoon cream of tartar until peaks form.

Gently fold into cake batter. Pour into 2 greased and floured 9 inch pans.

Bake in preheated oven 325 for about 45 minutes.

Remove from oven and cool in pans for ten minutes, then turn out on racks to finish cooling completely.


2 stick oleo room temp

2 cream cheese room temp

2 pound powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla

2 cups chopped pecans (or less)

Beat all ingredients until smooth and creamy, spread between, on top and sides of completely cooled cake.

Place in refrigerator until time to serve. May be taken out one hour prior to eating

This makes a large, tall cake.

Mrs. Judy:

Thank you dear lady for impacting others. Never think for one minute that your influence has gone unnoticed. There are many walking around today who are better wives, mothers and friends, due to your Kingdom impact.

Written by: O’Shea

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